About the Film

"Father Spirit" is an unblinking look into the story of a son's hopeful effort to connect with his terminally ill father on one last epic journey. When Peter is put into assisted living, Jonathan is unwilling to accept his father's confinement within the four walls of the nursing home.

Against all odds and conventional wisdom, Jonathan decides to become his father's caregiver and takes him to one of the world's most rugged and majestic countries - India - where Jonathan already had friends. As son and father take this uncertain but bold step into a four-month ambitious journey, Peter contends with the late stages of the brutal, degenerative Huntington's disease.



  • UVA's Compassionate Care Conference
    I gave a presentation in the nursing school auditorium.

    Toronto Presentation
    The Huntington Society of Canada flew me up to share.

    India blog
    My trip abroad was extremely fruitful. It was refreshing sitting down in person and we’re excited about our game plan for the final stage of the project.

    We shot some quality video to introduce the project that we’ll put together with a trailer for Kickstarter.

    The final on-line edit will be states side.

    NPR's "With Good Reason" Radio Broadcast


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