The Father Spirit Team is grateful for every gift we receive. There are currently two ways to financially support the making of this film. The most direct way is by donating here:

Tax Documentation

If you want to support the Father Spirit film but need a tax write-off please consider giving to the non-profit Community Films Foundation, which is helping to make this film possible. CFF is an IRS-recognized, tax-exempt, non-profit organization authorized to issue receipts for your tax-deductible gifts.

When giving to the Community Films Foundation to support the making of Father Spirit, please be sure to make a special note that your gift is designated to Father Spirit. If paying from PayPal complete the following steps from their website.

1. Put in the sum you are interested in contributing and click update total.

2. Enter pay-pal info or credit card info and click the appropriate button below to precede to the next page.

2. On the next page Click Add special instructions to the seller.

3. Be sure to enter Father Spirit in the drop down message box (or they will not know that your contribution is designated towards our project).

4. Finalize payment.

– Support through the Community Films Foundation

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