Vikram Bhandari


Growing up, Vikram Bhandari (Director/Producer-Father Spirit) had a deep-seated passion to paint. As a child he would lock himself in his room for hours, skipping meals and would only emerge from his room once the painting was complete. Later in his teens he picked up his father’s SLR and dabbled in photography for a while.

Jonathan Dickinson


An Eagle Scout and alumnus of the University of Virginia, Jonathan Dickinson pursued his interest in humanitarian causes after graduation, including time with YWAM, Hope Builder’s International, and Agape India.

– Read Jonathan’s entries from the “old” blog

Mika Lentz

Supervising Producer and Writer

Mika Holliday Lentz fell in love with making Documentary films in high school while making a historical video on the town she grew up in. So it was no surprise that straight out of the University of Georgia, she began working for Turner Broadcasting StationÕs Original Programming Department in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ben Eppard

Original Music for the Film

The songs for this film were written after long talks between friends.

Jonathan and I met, because we are both lovers of travel. We are from the same town in Central Virginia, but were introduced from afar by mutual friends, friends that brought us together because of proximity and – I’d like to think – because they could see something shared in us.

Michael Marosits

Marketing Director

As the son of a special-ed teacher and 2 social marketing small business owners, Michael Marosits’s upbringing taught him the value of putting selflessness, determination and hard work into the endeavors you feel passionate about. It was Michael’s passion for cooking and snowboarding that originally took him to Colorado Mountain College in Summit County, where while living in Dillon he met Jonathan. Jonathan ended up staying at Michael’s house with his roommates on multiple occasions, always bringing with him exciting news of the progress and positive reception received by the story of Father Spirit.

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